Letter to my Younger Self

If I could send a letter to my younger self when I was in grade 7, this is what I would say.

Dear Jessika,

I am you in the future, I am 20 years old now and attending my second year of college. I know that you never really thought about school after high school but it is much better. I know right now you are very discouraged with yourself but trust me (or yourself rather considering we are the same person at different points in time) we can survive this. I know doing homework seems pointless right now but try your best to attempt your math homework. Your teacher right now may seem like an idiot and an evil person, I can tell you that you are absolutely correct. The way your current teacher reacts to your math questions is not right. It may not seem like it but you are not stupid for not understanding math, you just need more help than your friends. Eventually, you will get the help that you deserve. You do not deserve to be treated this way be teachers that are supposed to be there to help you, not ridicule you. If you take anything from this letter, please remember that you are worthy of help and friends. You are going to do great at life and meet lots of awesome people.

Have a great year,



What Would I do if I Had an Unlimited Amount of Money

This is a question I think about every once and a while. I feel like this question can tell you a lot about somebody’s personality. If they are being truthful at least.

Being completely truthful and honest, in no particular order, I would want to…

  • Donate loads of money to a whole load of charities.
  • Buy smart home items to help make my life a bit easier.
  • Buy things for my friends to make their lives easier
  • Travel to the UK
  • Attend lots of ComicCons
  • Get my legs covered in tattoos
  • Buy needed items for homeless shelters, daycares, schools, retirement homes, animal shelters, ect..
  • Adopt cat(s) and dog(s) and buy a whole load of supplies to care for them
  • Buy/build/design my dream house with lots of space for animals, lots of space for organizing, and lots of space for cooking.


What would you do with an unlimited amount of money? Respond in the comments below.

What to Eat When You Can’t Find the Motivation/Energy

Sometimes our mental illness(s) and/or chronic illness(s) causes difficulty in doing standard mundane tasks. One of these tasks is finding the motivation to eat food. Eating is a required daily task for humans but for some individuals, it seems like a daunting task.

  • Uncooked instant noodles
    • This may seem strange but is actually tastes amazing and does not take to much effort to make. It is also quite affordable if you pick some up at a Dollarama.
  • Cooked instant noodles
    • Like the uncooked instant noodles, this does not take much effort and is still affordable. One benefit of having cooked instant noodles is that eating cooked instant noodles also provides your body with much-needed hydration.
  • Crackers and/or cookies
    • Eating healthy food is preferred. However, if you are finding it difficult to get out of bed, you might also be having difficulty finding the motivation to eat healthily. In this case, eating crackers and/or cookies is still better than nothing.
  • Separate parts of a sandwich (bread/toast, deli meat, cheese, lettuce)
    • Some days, I don’t have the energy or motivation to make a sandwich even if I am starving. On these days, I just grab whatever I have and eat it without putting everything in a sandwich.
  • Order in food
    • As a college student with anxiety, there are many days where I don’t have the energy/motivation to go grocery shopping or to cook a meal so I resort to ordering food. I prefer to use SkipTheDishes simply because it is the most available app for my area.  This is not sponsored but if you would like to check them out, here is a link; @skipthedishes

What do you eat when you don’t have much motivation/energy to make yourself a meal? Answer in the comments below.

My Posting Schedule

This year, I hope to post a blog every week on Mondays. The blog posts may not be as long as I want but I will try to achieve my goal of blogging once a week for the year. If any of you would like to help me reach my goal, feel free to suggest topics for me to write about in the comments below.

December Daily Posts #9

How to Stay Warm in the Cold

  • Wear a tank top or undershirt under your shirt
  • Wear leggings/knee-high socks underneath jeans/pants
  • Remember hats/gloves/scarves
  • Make sure to have dry hair before going outside
  • Wear a good, warm pair of footwear with good traction
  • Wear good socks and layer up on socks
  • Wear legwarmers
  • Bring a thermos of a hot beverage to keep your insides warm
  • Make sure to keep your ears covered and warm