December Daily Posts #9

How to Stay Warm in the Cold Wear a tank top or undershirt under your shirt Wear leggings/knee-high socks underneath jeans/pants Remember hats/gloves/scarves Make sure to have dry hair before going outside Wear a good, warm pair of footwear with good traction Wear good socks and layer up on socks Wear legwarmers Bring a thermos…

December Daily Posts #4

Christmas Survival Kit *For those with sensory issues/anxiety/depression/etc. Fidget Toys Noise Cancelling Headphones Book Phone/Tablet Journal Stuffed Animals Medication Music and headphones or earbuds Blanket or sweater Weighted blanket or pad Fingerless gloves What else would you add? Would you take anything out? Comment below!

December Daily Posts #2

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For A New Mom Chocolate Alcoholic Chocolate Amazon Gift Card Teething Necklace Fluffy/Fuzzy Slippers Coffee/Tea Cleaning Service Gift Card Dry Shampoo Spa Gift Card Bath Bombs Walmart Gift Card Bubble Bath Motherhood Books Restaurant/Food Gift Cards Ice Packs/Heat Packs

December Daily Posts #1

Pros and Cons of Moving Residence Buildings Pros I get to start over with new roommates I get to have a larger room to put all of my stuff I am on the second floor now instead of the fourth floor I am closer to the college I am closer to the main building with…