Hey everybody, I’m going to start doing reviews based on your guys’ suggestions. This means that every month, I will be asking for suggestions for what to read, watch, or listen to.  Throughout each month, I will be reading/watching/listening to as many of your suggestions as I can and doing a review of what I thought about it. I hope this will help me connect to all of you more and also widen my taste in movies/tv shows/books/music.

Each month on the first, I will be uploading a post where I ask for suggestions for a specific activity such as reading, watching tv, watching movies, or listening to music. On these posts, please comment with your suggestions of what I should listen to, read, or watch. Depending on how many suggestions I get each month, I will be posting a review blog post each Wednesday of that month with the individuals’ name(s)/username(s) that made the suggestion as well as a shoutout to any blogs/websites they may have.

Also, let me know if you like this type of thing or suggest other ways we can connect as a blogger and audience in the comments. I hope this blog can feel more like a community and less like a magazine.

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