• Brown-Es
    • Cut brown paper into Es and put them in a pan or on a plate.
    • Cover the pan/plate with tinfoil
    • Place a note on the tinfoil saying “Enjoy a Brownie”
    • Sit back and watch people’s expressions go from excited, to confused, to a cheerful annoyance
  • Plastic wrap doorways
    • Choose what doorway would be best to ambush your target
    • Choose whether you want them to run into the plastic wrap or trip on it
    • Tape one end of the plastic wrap to one side of the doorway
    • Stretch the plastic wrap so there are minimal imperfections in it
    • Tape the end of the plastic wrap to the other side of the doorway
    • Sit back and see what happens

What do you guys like to do on April fools day?

Tell me your ideas and how they worked out below!

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