The story, “The Cat Bride” is a children’s fantasy story that is set in Olympus, the sky-kingdom of the gods and goddesses in Greek mythology. The plot of this story begins with Zeus attempting to persuade Aphrodite that he has the ability to make anyone or anything do what he wants them to. Aphrodite disagrees and challenges Zeus’s abilities, they then change a cat into a man’s bride to determine who is correct. Despite what Zeus believed, the cat, now in a woman’s body, still possesses the habits and traits of a cat.  The author portrays Zeus as a strong-willed male figure that believes he is the most powerful and can control all beings. Aphrodite, on the other hand, is portrayed as a kind, calming, and understanding mother figure. The author uses descriptive words to better illustrate their characters. The author also uses descriptive writing to aid the reader in understanding the theme of the story which is that, regardless of superiority or power, the only person who can really change you on the inside and not just on the outside is yourself. The author states this in the story when Aphrodite states, “Just because you can change someone’s shape, doesn’t mean that you can change their heart. Only they can do that.” (The Cat Bride, n.d). The story is written from a narrator’s point of view where we are able to read from all of the character’s perspectives.

Reading The Cat Bride caused me to think about my experiences trying to “change” my family, and experiencing others trying to “change” me. The only way someone can truly change is when they decide to change themselves, whether that be their attitude, behaviours, opinions,  or habits. Attempting to change someone may appear to be successful on the surface but if you dig deeper, you will see that nothing has really changed. The “change” is only surface deep. I believe that this book is appropriate for children of any age because there is no sensitive matter involved and the theme of the story is an important concept for all ages to learn about, especially at a younger age.



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