This is a question I think about every once and a while. I feel like this question can tell you a lot about somebody’s personality. If they are being truthful at least.

Being completely truthful and honest, in no particular order, I would want to…

  • Donate loads of money to a whole load of charities.
  • Buy smart home items to help make my life a bit easier.
  • Buy things for my friends to make their lives easier
  • Travel to the UK
  • Attend lots of ComicCons
  • Get my legs covered in tattoos
  • Buy needed items for homeless shelters, daycares, schools, retirement homes, animal shelters, ect..
  • Adopt cat(s) and dog(s) and buy a whole load of supplies to care for them
  • Buy/build/design my dream house with lots of space for animals, lots of space for organizing, and lots of space for cooking.


What would you do with an unlimited amount of money? Respond in the comments below.

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