Pros and Cons of Moving Residence Buildings


  • I get to start over with new roommates
  • I get to have a larger room to put all of my stuff
  • I am on the second floor now instead of the fourth floor
  • I am closer to the college
  • I am closer to the main building with the office where we collect our mail
  • My new roommates are quiet and keep to themselves
  • I do not feel as if I will be verbally attacked if I mess up accidentally


  • I had to meet my new roommates which was a very daunting task
  • I had to physically move all of my belongings which messed my back up even more
  • I still need to tell my parents about the fact that I moved dorm rooms
  • I still have to properly organize my room the way I want it
  • I had to ignore the fact that my old roommates seemed elated to see me leave that dorm
  • I had to juggle moving, self-care, and four important school assignments at once and didn’t sleep for 48 hours



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