So first of all, my doctor has put me on ADHD meds because all of the professionals that I have talked to are certain that I have ADHD, the inattentive part mainly. I’ve also been put on a different SSRI so going through a lot of brain chemistry weirdness lately.

My doctor also said that I have traits of someone who is on the autism spectrum which I thought was interesting. I brought it up with my counselor and explained how parts make perfect sense. However, there was something I could not stop thinking about. One of the popular traits of autism that appears in the media is the perceived lack of empathy. I definitely don’t have a lack of empathy, I have far too much empathy for other people.

While talking about all of this with my counselor, she explained to me that autism does not necessarily mean a lack of empathy. She explained that some people actually believe that it could be an overload of empathy that causes individuals on the autism spectrum to come across as apathetic.

As she talked more about this, I realized that I was empathetic in the way that I could feel what someone was feeling or going through, but I could not always figure out why. I could tell that someone was mad but I would not know the reason unless they directly said why.

I think this happened a lot in my childhood because there were many times that I knew someone was mad or frustrated with me but I could not figure out the reason, no matter how hard I looked.

This was just to give y’all a little update on my life, in going to try to post something on here every second day so if you have anything that you would like to ask me or have me talk about, definitely let me know in the comments.

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