6. Who had the biggest negative impact on you?

There are two people who come to mind, these two individuals sat behind me every day in grade nine math and science class. They would continuously talk and laugh during class when I was trying so hard to barely pass math. I would always look around at them or in their direction because I would hear noises/talking (I get distracted extremely easily).

They would ignore my requests for them to be quiet and start laughing. They would then accuse me of staring at them and being in love with them when all I wanted was for them to shut up.

There was one day that we had a substitute teacher in that class and for some reason, the teacher was talking to me about my height and how tall I am. He was talking about how I would be a great basketball or volleyball player because of my height, he also said I was the perfect height to be a model. I did not even have time to register what the teacher had said before the two individuals behind me started sniggering about how “She’s could never be a model, she looks like a stick”. Let’s just say, that was the closest I have ever come to slapping someone.