From the outside I seem like a very reserved individual who really does not like being touched. I shy away from people touching me or hugging me. The reality is actually that I would love to hug my friends and tell them that I love them because I definitely do. I love my friends with my whole heart but I always feel like I am not able to tell them. I am an extremely emotional person and I feel like my friends would just be annoyed by this fact. I think that if I was given the opportunity, I would be a very touchy person. Anytime anybody hugs me or sits close to me I feel the obligation to move away because I assume that they want me to move away. I have no idea when this started or why it started.

One thought on “What I call my “touch anxiety”

  1. I can certainly sympathize I do not like being touched by most people (including my mom). I’m not sure what it is but it’s like having someone so close to m personal space sets my skin on fire and my mind racing. I become overly aware of myself and the racing thoughts begin to flood. Sometimes I just have to count my breaths when someone is hugging me and that helps my body at least relax into the hug a bit especially since my first thought is to pull away. I guess I just wanted to let you know you’re not alone in this 🙂

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