My mom works as a nanny for a large family that we have become friends with. I often go over there to just hang out with the kids if I do not have anything else to do as I like taking care of kids. One thing that bothers me that my mom does is that I don’t think she trusts me with the kids. If she is holding the 1 year old as well as a purse and some bags, I will offer to hold the 1 year old as her hands are full but she refuses to let me help and take care of the 1 year old. It is frustrating especially because I have been babysitting kids under the age of 5 for about 7 years and I have volunteered at the daycares that my mom used to work in. Obviously I am capable of taking care of kids because I learned from her but she still refuses to let me help with the 1 year old.

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