My Christmas last year was very hectic as my dad had a minor heart attack on the 21st of December and had to be transferred to the nearest city hospital for observation which was about two hours away from where we lived.

On the 22nd my mom, my brother and me drove up to the hospital to join my dad very early in the morning. We only brought a very small amount of clothing as we didn’t know how long we would be away from home, luckily the military had a place for us to stay very similar to the Ronald McDonald House named the valour place. Our friends who lived in the area brought my mom to the mall to buy pajamas for us as we had forgotten to pack some in our rush out the door.

Most of the time that we were there, we spent in hospital with my dad. When we were not at the hospital, we were at the Valour Place watching TV and trying to pass the time. We made friends with another family that was staying there at the time.

On Christmas Eve, our friends drove up with more clothing from our house as well as all of our Christmas presents. They spent a couple hours visiting with us before driving back home.

We had Christmas in the hospital room with my dad and we all had Turkey dinner from the hospital kitchen. It was actually very yummy.

Not too long after Christmas my dad was released from the hospital and soon after that we were allowed to go home.

I have to say that it was definitely the weirdest Christmas I’ve ever had in my life. Thankfully my dad is fine and relatively healthy now.

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