Most times that I hear about people with anxiety, I usually here the words fight or flight. I understand these terms and why they occur. The fight or flight reaction occurs when your body believes you are in danger and it prepares you to essentially fight the danger or flee from the danger causing the increase of adrenaline. But for me, I never totally connected with either of those reactions. When I’m having an anxiety attack, I may eventually complete the task that causes the anxiety, or I may find a way to get out of the situation but more often than not, I just freeze. I completely freeze. During this time, I am totally unable to explain what I’m feeling and sometimes I can’t even explain why I’m panicking. Because of my freezing response, not many people realize that something is wrong unless the reason I’ve frozen is because I need to read something outloud. I always wish I could leave the space but doing so would also cause to much anxiety because it would draw attention to myself.

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