I’ve never been diagnosed with depression, only anxiety though I occasionally go through times where I have no motivation to do anything at all. During these times, I find it easier to get mad at myself for not doing anything productive even though I want to. These times usually occur randomly although it is more common for them to occur while I have nothing I “need” to do such as having no school or work that I need to do. It’s the days when I have nothing that I absolutely need to do that I have no motivation to do anything that I may want to do such as painting or cleaning.

3 thoughts on “Depression?

  1. i can relate–i find it difficult to get the day started when i have am in a low mood. though i complain about waking up in the morning, days i work are almost always better (since i need to be productive)) than days i have off–i get antsy and upset that i am not doing any of the things that i want to be doing. it’s been difficult to learn to have patience for myself and i’m still trying to find a way to nudge myself back into actually doing the things that i know i enjoy and that i know make me feel more complete.i hope you find some joy in today–sending you the best.

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