1. I’m allergic to almost everything in nature including all of the animals that I love.
  2. I’m 19 and I’ve never had a boyfriend or even been close to having one.
  3. I hate peanut butter.
  4. The only sauce that I eat is ketchup.
  5. I have no idea where in where I want to live as an adult
  6. I’ve lived with a cat/cats all my life.
  7. I can eat a lemon without extremely flinching.
  8. I can’t eat anything mildly spicy without my mouth turning into a fire breathing Dragon.
  9. I’m 6’1″ tall.
  10. I have size 11 ladies feet, it’s a nightmare to try and find anything that fits.
  11. I’m going to college in a different province than where my family lives at the moment.
  12. I used to have ear infections every winter from when I was born until I was about 10 or 11.
  13. I have bowed legs.
  14. I started dancing when I was six years old.
  15. I love singing and dancing.
  16. I hope to someday learn ASL.
  17. I’m absolutely obsessed with anything Alice in Wonderland related.
  18. I wish I could play the guitar.
  19. I have more good male friends than female friends.
  20. I can’t help but move in some way when I hear music.

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