I’ve lived in large cities, small cities, and small towns. I like all three types of places for different reasons. I like large cities because you don’t have to travel far to find a certain store or activity. I don’t like how many people are in big cities and how busy they are. On the other hand, I like small towns because everybody knows everybody. I like being able to go to the store and seeing five people I know. I like the connections that can be made in small towns where a teacher at you school is in the same singing group as you. The reasons I do not like small towns thought is because you usually have to travel a fair distance for large stores. Another reason why I dislike small towns is that there sometimes is not a lot of respect for the law enforcement because the people of the town believe it would be easier if they dealt with the problems themselves. I would rather live in a small city where there are large stores and many activities and events but there is also a very strong sense of community and it is still very easy to see your teacher at the grocery store.

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